Hey there! My name is Rachel, and I am a lawyer living in New Brunswick, New Jersey with my 4-year old rescue pup, Brooks! I Crossfit, run 5k’s (and the odd 10k when I’m feeling ambitious), lift weights at a globo gym, and kickbox. I love to stay active and try new things! I’m happiest when I can be outside, hiking with Brooks, or just enjoying some sunshine.


I blog about healthy eating,¬†workouts, treat yo’self days, rescue animals, and traveling.¬†I do my best to be positive, but I also try to be honest.

I am not a Dietician, I am not a fitness instructor, and I am not a therapist. Anything that I write about on this blog is just a chronicle of my own experiences. I hope that I can inspire you to find your own version of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, but please check with a doctor before starting on any health or fitness journey. And, of course, if you are experiencing any mental health issues, please seek help. Positive vibes and self-care go a long way, but they are no replacement for a mental health professional.


Brooks is my rescued pup. He is a Beagle/Whipper mix (I think), and he is one of the best decisions I have ever made. When I first adopted Brooks, he was malnourished and terrified. Today, Brooks is a much happier dog. He’s learned that life is good and humans are kind, and I love every day I get to spend with him.


The first thing Brooks did when he met me was climb into my lap


Brooks’ last day at the shelter


Running off-leash is pure joy


Post-bath Cuteness


Brooks Was The #1 Bar Exam Study Buddy